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“Calligraphy – the written beauty of feelings”
 My services include hand Calligraphy for the following:
Addressing Envelopes are done in Calligraphy by hand.
Calligraphy Invitations for Wedding and other events.
Calligraphy Table Numbers and Place Cards.
Calligraphy Monograms, Company Logos.
Calligraphy of Poetry.
Calligraphy of Greeting Cards.
Calligraphy of Albums.
Calligraphy Musical Album Cover (as previously done for “The Raconteurs”).
Various Calligraphy Script Styles available.
“Calligraphy – is a kind of music not for the ears,
but for the eyes”

We offer   fine Calligraphy  with  Flourishing, Illumination,  Ornamentation, Border, Color, and
combining Calligraphy with Illustration.  Design Calligraphy   Invitation “package”: 
The Invitation, Outer and Inner Envelopes,    Response Card, Envelope, Dinner Card,
Thank you note, Return  Address for the Envelope.
Beautiful Calligraphy Addressing Envelopes specially for a Bride and Groom,  special event
(such as “Grammy” Award), party…
Calligraphy  Musical  Album Cover, Magazine, Business Cards  and more…

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