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“ You have helped me to make expression of love
and affection into Calligraphy of Art!”


Calligraphy  by  Aleksey!
Calligraphy  by  hand!

   Calligraphy, the beautiful Art of Script Handwriting , is my specialty and an important part of
my life. It has been my passion for many years and serves as my means to converse with the
world around me. All my works have a personal touch and I can do just about anything for your

I learned the calligraphy works of famous calligraphers, practiced and improved my own techniques
and later received a Bachelor Degree in Visual Arts from Moscow University of Culture and Arts.
I have been perfecting the Art of Calligraphy for nearly twenty-five years.

My calligraphy by hand services are available seven days a week.
I hope to make your special occasion more SPECIAL.

Client comments
“ I’m very excited about having Aleksey do this project – his Calligraphy is gorgeous!!! Thanks!!!”
  -Kristin Escalante-
“Aleksey! Thank you so much for the beautiful inscriptions you have created for me.
You have helped me to make expression of love and affection into Calligraphy of Art! I love and
appreciate your calligraphy work!”
“ I just wanted to stop in and say Thank You for the beautiful Quote Cards – they were a
smashing success! Please tell Aleksey that he surpassed himself…”
  -Nina Berry-
“Aleksey, we are just thrilled with your Calligraphy…”
“Dear Aleksey! I am so grateful to you for what have been able to teach my son in Calligraphy
studies! And for your patience and kindness while working with him!”
  -Dianne Brown-
“ Aleksey! Your Calligraphy is truly a work of Art! Thank you!”
  -Lucie de Nobriga-
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